Thursday, August 03, 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf

I have FINISHED my first Irish Hiking Scarf. I joined the knit-along to keep me motivated. Now, I am showing it off. Here's the link if you are intersted in knowing more about this pattern.
I made mine using Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe in a lovely warm blend of burgundy reds. It is so soft. I made mine about 67 inches long so I could wrap it around my neck and have ample scarf to hang down.


yfcsp said...

Congrats on finishing the irish scarf. You need to post a photo of it! I can't wait to send you the box of goodies I have for you. A couple more things to add before posting it. This is such fun. Wishing you a good day.

Knitty_Prof said...

Here's your photo YFCSP. Thanks for asking. I had tried a dozen times to put them up yesterday afternoon but the blog was not working right. So, I did them late last night. The scarf is much more beautiful than it even looks here. It is soooo soft. It is of Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe that I bought in Austria in June. I love this wonderful yarn. So glad you are my SECRET PAL.

yfcsp said...

just found your comment on my secret blog. have sent you an email and will be posting hints and photos at the secret blog for you. this is gonna be such fun!!!

Shelly said...

The Irish Hiking Scarf is beautiful and you did a wonderful job on it.

I'd love to join the Lace Swap, but there's just too much going on right now. Check out my blog to see my latest "thing"!

the yarn tart