Monday, August 21, 2006

Retro Red Fuzzies

I have completed my first projects made from the One Skein book. OH, am I excited!!!
Here are my three felted bowls. I never did anything like this before and I am so thrilled with my first attempts, I am now working on more of them. My family members love them and so I plan to make some for Christmas gifts this year, too. What do you think?

The one that is BLACK and RED was made for my Secret Pal in the One Skein Exchange. She is Shelly and you can read her blog here Her kitchen is RETRO in RED, BLACK, and WHITE. I decided she needed a very wild RETRO felted bowl to match her kitchen. She said she thinks she will use it for her ball of yarn when she is knitting. It is one wild thing for a gal who is one wild thing, too. Enjoy your stuff, Shelly.


yfcsp said...

i prefer the one without the fuzzies. do you add the fuzzies before or after you've felted them? just curious as i have yet to felt a knitted item.

Knitty_Prof said...

The fuzzies are where I combined fun fur with the regular yarn I was using. Yes, they are a riot of color and texture. I like doing them all, no matter. When you do the felting, I suggest not allowing the knitted items to go through any spin cycle. I ran them through three wash cycles, then got them out of there before the rinse or spin cycle. It makes them really messy if you let them go through the spin cycle and then you have a lot of fluffy JUNK to try to get off of your items later on. I hand rinse them and let them dry in the sunshine outside and keep shaping them every few minutes or so during the process. It takes about 3 days for them to be fully dry.

yfcsp said...

thanks for the inside scoop of not sending the "to be felted" item through the spin cycle. i will be writting that down with my other knitting notes momentarily. it's good to know that my super ambitious note taking skills from my school years have not left me.