Monday, August 28, 2006

Let there be ROARange Bliss

My birthday was yesterday, but my big surprise came in today's mail from my Secret Pal in the Favorite Color Exchange. My package was delivered this afternoon when I got home from my first day back at school.

I decided to savor the surprise and not open it for a few hours. It is nice to just contemplate a gift sometimes, not be in a big rush to open it all quickly. So, after I had done a number of tasks I went back down to my dining room to begin opening the gifts.

Everything was enveloped in my favorite color - orange. OMG, was it wonderful to see so much of that color all in one package. Here are the BEFORE and AFTER photos of my gifts from Melinda McCaffrey, my Secret Pal.

What was IN this package????
Patcholi Soap, made with fair trade and organic ingredients. My favorite scent:
2 balls of Debbie Bliss Cotton dk - never had any DB before, and I am so excited with this orange color; Lip Smackers Starburst for my luscious lips; a Post-it cube and a Twinkler's Jiggly light up pen for my desk at the college; a new journal with an orange cover; an artist canvas becaue I am a painter; mango licorice because I love exotic licorace; Peach Daquiri Nail Polish, six Stitch markers with orange crystal made by Melinda herself, and a wonderful CD that I am listening to as I write. This package has something for all the senses, taste, touch, smell, sound. What could be more wonderful than that?

How can I possible express the joy of receiving such a personal and thoughtful gift from a person who has never even met me in person? You are amazing and I thank you, Melinda. This is bliss.


mjm knitting said...

so glad you like all your orange items. the pachouli soap smells divine. i was sad to see it go, as it was making the bedroom smell so good. i always find it exciting when i see the box of goodies i sent on my spoiler's blog.

Knitty_Prof said...

Ah, the "box" traveled today. My two grand daughters, ages 26 and 24, wanted me to come and teach them to knit. So, I took the orange box of goodies along for them to see. We had show and tell and it was wonderful. Everyone agrees, the orange cat made of beads is amazing. We just love him. I just can't bear to take the gifts out of the box, as it seems like they all need to be there together for awhile longer.