Friday, August 04, 2006

Lace Swap

Here's a swap that should be fun.
You meet some really neat people by participating in the swaps and knit-along groups. This is a LACE SWAP. Since I have never knitted lace (at least not much) I decided this one would be good for me to do. The idea is that I will begin to TRY to do it. I even bought a new book at my LYS last week that is all levels of lace knitting. I think I will pick out an "easy" one to do.

Here is what you are going to do if you participate in this swap.

You will get a "Secret Pal." That is your DOWNSTREAM Pal. Then, someone will get YOU and that is your UPSTREAM Pal. (I like the idea of an Upstream and Downstream Pal. Makes me think of kyaking or something adventurous like that.) You will send your "ownstream Pal" the following items:

1200 yds laceweight yarn (broadly speaking we're talking cobweb to fingering here)
A nice pattern or needle to knit it
A little treat - chocolate, candy, whatever you feel like sending

The Adminstrator says, "I guess it's hard to come up with something for a total stranger. The rule I use is that if I'd be happy to recieve it, or I'm proud to send it, then I've done my best." That is what I intend to do. I will shop as though I am shopping for me.

~~ Here is my response to the questions for this swap~~

1. Would you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced? A raw beginner

2. What shape of shawl do you prefer - square, circle, triangle? I love them all! You can choose for me. I will be delighted with your choice
3. Favourite colours? Russets, Violets, Greens (but not bright green)

4. Solid colours or variegated? solid

5. Is an international swap pal okay with you? yes, I would greatly enjoy doing an international swap


yfcsp said...

sounds exciting. i checked out the site and am happy signups are closed so that i don't have to go to exchange therapy anytime soon.

Donna said...

I hope you enjoy the swap!

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