Friday, March 30, 2007

Favorite Accessories?

My favorite accessory for knitting is my handy little Yarn Tainer. They are on sale right now at this location, and are 2 for $15.00 which is a GREAT PRICE.

They are transparent tubes, with a lid and handle for carrying my projects. The lid and handle is in colors that are sharp and contemporary. It also has a hole in the top for putting your yarn through. Then you shut the lid and knit, with your yarn neatly contained inside the tube. It's great.

They feel great to carry and the are so practical. Each one holds ONE project. I have several of them sitting about. When I want a project, I just select which one I want to work on and take that little yarn carrier with me. I bought them at JoAnn's and they cost about $8.00 or $9.00 each. But they are just beautiful to look at, very practical, keep my yarn and needles together, keep my yarn from rolling about on the floor, keep the yarn clean, etc. I have bought them for daughters and grand daughters. Everywhere I go, people remark about how nice they are. I love them!!! They are especially nice to carry when traveling and on planes. No more balls of yarn rolling down below the seats of the plane.

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Kat said...

is there a website where you can mail order these?