Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stashalong is STASHBUSTINGalong

I began my commitment to the Stashalong Knit-Along Blog on January 15. My commitment is to buy NO new yarn for 12 months. I can buy yarn to gift to others, such as for my Secret Pals in the SECRET PAL 10 Group; the International Scarf Exchange; the Favorite Color Swap 2.
I have done that. I bought yarn for gifts for the Secret Pal 10 and the Favorite Color Swap2. And, instead of buying yarn to knit my scarf for my International Scarf Exchange Pal, I had three nice skeins of Noro Silk Garden and I have used that.

I am no into month THREE of my commitment. I am feeling so good about doing this. It is freeing to be using up yarn from my stash and not buying it.

Here is what I have accomplished in the past 2 1/2 months from my stashbusting adventure:

1.) I made a stack of washcloths and towels out of Lion Brand Cotton. These will be gifted at Christmas time. I had four cones of this yarn. I still have lots more to get knitted but I am now on cone 3 and 4.

2.) Series of wash cloths in Sugar and Cream, in purple/blues and also for Christmas gifts.

3.) The Allison Bolero out of Paton's Pebbles in Moonstone.

4.) Wick Yarn, a pair of short sports socks. This yarn is 100% cotton and it is from Knit One Crochet Too yarn. I am wearing these socks as I sit here and type this blog.

5.) A Scarf out of Ozark Handspun yarn, bought from Y2Knit at the October workshop in Vermont. This yarn is so unique and I love the textures and colors. It stands out in the crowd. So if you like to be noticed, as I do, check out this wonderful yarn right here.

6.) Socks out of Cherry Tree Hills cotton sock yarn in the color "Wild Cherry." BEAUTIFUL.
Just go HERE for more of this wonderful yarn.

7.) Poncho - out of Cherry Tree Hill's Baby Loop in soft gray/pinks/green
I love wearing this poncho as it is light and airy, yet very warm and soft.

8.) Feather and Fan Scarf - out of Malabrigo in "Cinnebar" color - For ME! I love it.

9.) Diamond Modular Scarf - used Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn, color "Moose Creek" which is very soft pinks/grays. OH, I love this monair and marino scarf. It is silky soft.

10.) a Pair of Slippers for my Mom to wear for her burial. I used a lovely white Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn for this gift of love. It was the final thing I could make for my Mother.

11.) Sand Stitch Scarf - used Vermont Fiberworks, Inc. Yarn is a very soft color called, "Red Wash"

12.) Pea Coat Sweater - I used Paton's Pebbles Yarn in "Sand Stone" color. It is warm, lightweight, and oh so very touchable.

13.) Diamond Modular Scarf - used NORO Silk Garden yarn, and this one is for my Secret Pal International Scarf exchange.

14.) Caryl's Kerchief - out of KPPM-KOIGU yarn in a very soft pink and green colorway. This scarf is a small kerchief for the neck and will be trimmed in beads. I am finishing it up now. Here is a GREAT PLACE to buy it. KOIGU yarn is pictured here - it is wonderful to work with. It is light and airy, soft, and silky.

So there you have it - I have completed 14 projects from my STASH thus far.


Jenn said...

Wow! You are getting so much done. Great stash busting! Very inspiring...

What, what WHAT is that gorgeous yarn, and where can I get some? Love it, love it, love it!

Knitting Mama said...

It takes a lot to not buy yarn. I don't know if I would be able to do it!

Knitty_Prof said...

The yarn pictured is #14 on my list the Koigu - yes, it is even MORE beautiful in person than the photo shows.

Riggwelter said...

Oh you're doing so well, some fantastic items there.

Ollie said...

wow, you've really been knitting like a crazy person!!!! but see, I finally got to track down who you were...& get to thank you (somewhat in person!) again for the wonderful pg you sent're the best & it was a pleasure being in the swap w/you!!!!