Saturday, March 17, 2007

Knittin of the Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone today.

We, here in Western Pennsylvania, are enjoying our St. Patrick's Day snowfall. It has been snowing for two days and we always get our last big snow for St. Patrick's Day. Spring simply cannot arrive until we have it. Anyone who has grown up around her knows that is a FACT of LIFE...St. Patrick's Day brings SNOW and normally LOTS of SNOW.

Here is a neat site where you can see the history of this day. Find out what is fact and what is pure BLARNEY. It is a great VIDEO, enjoy it.

Today, since I have sniffles and overall not feeling GOOD, I am happily working away on my Irish Green Lana Grossa yarn on the Penelope Blouse by Oat Couture. I am working on the bottom lace and have just finished using up the first ball of yarn. There will be 8 balls of yarn in it. I have tied on the second one, and my goal for today is to finish that second ball.

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