Friday, March 16, 2007

Trachten Sweater in Translation

Last week, I went to my favorite yarn shop in Sewickley, PA., Yarn's Unlimited.

I visit Germany and Austria every summer and I love to buy yarn and patterns from the local Yarn shops while I am traveling. I make sure I bring an extra suitcase along to put my new yarns into for bringing home each year.

What I especially love about this yarn shop in PA is that an Austrian woman works there. My big problem is that I don't read German and I am crazy about German knitting patterns. I had bought a great Trachten pattern (that is Germanic Folkwear) and yarn for a sweater. But the directions are in German and I can't translate. She is translating the directions for me right now, and soon I will be knitting away to my heart's content on the Trachten Sweater I have had for three years. The bag of yarn is waiting for me to begin. I had searched and searched all over Austria as I wanted to make it from Austrian yarns. Austrian yarns are not easy to find, let me tell ya!

I will be in Austria and Germany in June and July, and this is the only time I will be buying any yarn for the entire year. But, I intend to be very selective and keep in mind my stashbusting goals even there. See this blog (stashalong) for more information on how to begin working from your own stash instead of buying new yarns all the time. It's fun and I am committed to doing it.

And, here is another yarn I brought home from Germany last summer. It is by Lana Grossa. This yarn is made in Italy, but I bought it in Germany. Go figure, huh? My own yarn is in the lovely blend of spring greens. It retails for about $5.95 a skein. Each skein has 126 yards, and is 50 grams. I have 8 balls for my sweater. I am now beginning to do a summer top designed by Oat Coutour

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Brigitte said...

Hello, I am the Austrian woman who translated your Trachten pattern. I just wanted to let you know that I now have a website, advertising translations of German knitting patterns. I would be happy to do more translations for you and would appreciate if you could pass my name on to other knitters who might need "translation help".
Hope to hear from you, my e-mail is listed below