Tuesday, February 27, 2007

International Scarf Exchange Questionaire

1. Your name. Lynda with a "Y"

2. The name you use when blogging. Knitty_Prof

3. The best email address for us to use when contacting you.


4. Your Blog URL.


5. Country

6. Where you live. Western Pennsylvania

7. Colours you like.
Russets, Oranges, Yellow-Orange, Blue Violets, golden colors, chocolate brown

8. Colours you hate.
Light Pastels and Yellow because I do not look good in them

9. Fibres you like.
Cashmere, merino's, linen, mercerized cotton

10. Fibres you hate/allergies. fun furs, acrylics

11. Preferred scarf length. Long enough to put around my neck once or twice - I like DRAMA

12. Solid or variegated? either

13. Cables or lace? Sure

14. Are you interested in a crochet or woven scarf? Sure

15. Would you prefer a pal with a blog? Sure

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