Saturday, February 17, 2007

10 Balls Down - More to Go!

WOW, just look at what I made out of 10 balls of Paton's Pebbles yarn. I am CRAZY about this Allison Bolero Sweater. It feels so wonderful, soft, and warm. And, I am really excited that I have used up 10 balls of yarn from my Stash.

Since I joined the stashalong blog (, my Stashbusting Attitude is affecting other areas of my life as well. Recently I was at Barnes & Noble for about an hour. I was killing some time, waiting for my meeting of the "Obsessive Compulsive Bead Workers of PA" to begin. I found that I enjoyed LOOKING through all the knitting books but not BUYING any of them. OH it felt wonderful to just look and then have a cup of coffee and then go to my meeting. It is a very FREEING thing, to be able to fully enjoy things without having to own them. I am really enjoying the new found freedom this has brought to my life.

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