Sunday, February 11, 2007

Allison Bolero Sweater

Allison Bolero Sweater

I finished knitting the Allison Bolero Sweater out of my stash. It was not on my list of UFOs nor was it on my list of New Projects for 2007. I guess it is what you have called a "Screaming Stash" project. I was looking through some magazines, and my binders full of pattern. I saw this pattern I had downloaded and remembered the Paton's Pebbles (Moonstone color) yarn in my stash. This yarn is so nice to work with.
See it here:

I have knitted up 10 balls of it by making this sweater. That FEELS GOOD, to know I have de-stashed so much yarn in one project. I still have another 3 1/2 balls of it left over so I am envisioning a scarf or hat. That will be my next project, to finish up this very beautiful and lofty yarn and not return any of it to my stash.

You can find the pattern at

I will sew it all together later today and plan to wear it this week to work. I will take photos an post them after it is finished. I LOVE making things I can wear. It feels so good to know you are wearing one of a kind original works of art.

Of course this project has led me to think about another "Screaming Stash" project. I have another 14 balls of Paton's Pebbles in a very light "Sandstone" shade. Now, I am searching through my patterns and books for just the right pattern.
I bought a pattern for the "Trends Peacoat" by Sudha Mehta of last year. I think it might be perfect for this bulky weight yarn. I am envisioning using up another 14 balls of yarn from my stash and that is exciting!!! It is soft and oh, so, beautiful to work with and the finished product is lovely. I am excited to know I will be able to wear it this week.

With these two projects, I will use up approximately 28 balls of yarn from my stash! Way to go, huh?

Yesterday, in between working on this sweater and another bead work project, I sat down and typed up a list of my UFOs. I have it hanging here with my computer, at my desk so I can view it and keep my goals in mind to stay focused. My progress is slow, but I am vowing to knit from my stash for the next year. Can I do it?

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mjm knitting said...

that's a huge amount of stash busting! congrats. just wondering....28 balls of yarn out of how many thought?