Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stashalong for 2007

I have joined the Stashalong project for 2007. I think it is a GREAT way to begin the New Year. You can find information on this way of dealing with your STASH here: There are three different levels of involvement. I have chosen a combination of #1 and #3.

First of all, for level #1, I am designating a two month period where I will purchase NO YARN at all. (GULP....BREATHE DEEPLY...BREATHE AGAIN, DEEPER YET...) Yes, I CAN DO THIS. I am SURE I CAN DO THIS...OK, I pledge to NOT BUY ANY YARN between January 15th and March 15th.

Now, for level #3. I will work on getting my wife's finished up over the next two months when I am not out shopping for more yarns. Here are the UFO's that I plan to get finished up:

1.) 1 pair of "Canal du Midi" socks. They are in the book, Knitting on the Road, by Nancy Bush. My socks are being made from "COLORI" yarn that I brought home from Austria last summer. I have just started the knitting on these socks, and they are on size "0" needles, so they will take awhile. I think they will be well worth the effort and time. This yarn is AMAZING.

2.) 2 Kitchen Towels made from Peaches and Cream Cotton Yarn. The towels are in the "sand" stitch and gets so tedious for me and then I get bored and quit. I resign myself to finish these towels and move on to make some wash cloths out of the same yarn for Christmas Gifts, 11 months from now. I am just thinking ahead.

3.) 1 pair of "Fortissima Socka" Cotton Socks, yarn by Schoeler & Stahl. It is a very lovely and soft yarn. The pattern is Climbing Vines and I got the yarn and pattern from The pattern is by Rebecca Perry. I have one sock done, so I am now working on it's mate.

4.) Kimono Jacket, made from Lion Brand "Moonlight Mohair." This is the jacket: I have it nearly knitted and just have to sew up the sides, put the color panel on the font, and knit the kimono sleeves. A few days of concentration should do it. I WANT to wear this jacket very much.

5.) Diamond Modular Scarf. Designed by Iris Schreier. I am making it from my FAVORITE "Mountain Colors" yarn. I LOVE this pattern and can't wait to wear this very light pink/peachy colored scarf when the weather gets warmer and Pennsylvania is moving towards spring again.

6.) Caryl's Kerchief, designed by Marian Nelson. This beautiful scarf is made from KPPM KOIGU Painters Palette Premium Merino, only one skein needed. It is very lacey and soft. I will put a beaded edging on the scarf as I knit the final row. It is elegant.

There you have it - my two month committment. I am not sure I can get all the knitting done in the next 8 weeks, but it is something to shoot for. BANG!

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