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Dr. Mercola puts out a daily newsletter that might be helpful to you for optimum health and success in your life in 2007. I enjoy receiving it and wanted to pass along some information I found there today about setting and achieving goals. The goals listed below were taken from a book by Brian Tracey.

Seven Step Process

To Achieve Goals Faster and Easier

First, decide exactly what you want to achieve.

Second, write it down CLEARLY and in as much detail as you can.

Third, set a specific deadline. If it is a large goal, break it down into subdeadlines and write them down in order.

Fourth, make a list of everything you can think of that you are going to have to do ao achieve your goal. As you think of new items, add them to your list.

Fifth, organize the items on your list into a plan by placing them in the proper sequence and priority.

Sixth, take action immediately on the most important thing you can do in your plan. This is VERY important.

Seventh, do something every day that moves you toward to attainment of one or more of your important health goals.

Fewer than 3 percent of adults have written goals and plans that they work on every single day. Hen you sit down and write our your goals, you move yourself in to the top 3 percent of people in our society. And you will soon start to get the same type of results that they do.

Study and review your goals EVERY DAY

to be sure that they are still your most important health goals. You will find yourself deleting goals that are no longer as important as you once thought.

Whatever your goals are, plan them out thoroughly, on paper, and work on them every single day. This is the key to peak performance and maximum achievement.

I truly hope that the steps provided assist you in your journey toward health and in creating the life you choose.

Setting goals is necessary

if you are going to direct your life.

May you be blessed with wisdom and love as you go about setting goals and achieving them!
As stated in the beginning, these goals are abstracted from Brian Tracy's book "Maximum Achievement" It is a book definitely worth purchasing and reading more than once. It will greatly improve your likelihood of reaching your goals.

By joining the Stashalong I have committed myself to setting some knitting and (non)buying goals for two months - January 15 to March 15, 2007. Now, I am going to set down and write out my other goals for my personal and professional life and well being for this year, too.

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