Sunday, January 07, 2007

Knitting Runs in My Family

Here is my daughter, jewelry designer,
Heidi McClure, wearing the beautiful poncho she just completed. She used JoAnn's yarn in this brilliant jewel color and put a contrasting edging around the bottom for accent. Everywhere she goes people want to touch her poncho. At one party, she said, everyone wanted to try it on. It is truly HEAVENLY, and made from ANGEL HAIR yarn.

Two Top photos are my Great Grand-daughter, Delaunay, age 9 who is a young knitter.

She keeps her yarn and needles at my house, and another set at her Grandma's house so she can knit every time she comes to visit. Delaunay began learning to knit 2 years ago on an Easter Sunday when we had nothing to do. We hopped in the car and went out to buy yarn and needles. I spent the afternoon teaching grand-children and great-granddaughter Delaunay how to begin to knit.

In the photos she is wearing two of the outfits I knitted for her for Christmas. The red one is Moda Dea yarn. The Black and pink set is made of a soft and thick boucle yarn.

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Charles said...

Hello Lynda.

Wow you are fortunate to have knitting catch on through the generations in your family. I'm the first knitter in my family, but my sons will probably carry the tradition further. I hope so, at least. Thanks for your kind comments about my patterns. Enjoy. I'm working on a few more.
Best for 2007!