Saturday, July 08, 2006

Yarn Shopping in Austria and Germany

Here is some of the yarns I bought while traveling in Austria and Germany from June 20 to July 6. I visited my two favorite yarn shops in the little Alpine Village where I live and bought sock yarns. I have never knit socks yet, but I plan to give it a try soon. I also bought the suggested double pointed needles that the lady in the shop recommended to me. I plan to gift one of the sock yarns and one set of needles to a friend I work with who I think will be very surprised and glad to have them.

Then, while in Germany I found a wonderful yarn shop where I bought some Lana Grossa BASICs yarn , hp No. 31 to make a summer top.
I could have bought much more yarn, but I kept thinking of having to carry my suitcase so that put a stop to my gluttony.


Bagpuss said...

My mums been knitting over 30 years and had never used dpns before or knitted socks - i on the other hand started knitting socks after knitting for about 2 months. When isaw her last i gave a quick tutorial and she is now well on the way to finshing her first sock with some very nice Lana Grossa yarn. Good luck and keep us posted on the progress. Sock knittingis very addicitive and great to pop into a handbag.

Shelly said...

Lynda, that sock yarn is luscious. If you decide you don't enjoy knitting with double point needles you may want to try them on circular needles. Enjoy the process - it's great. And check out this web site - her sock method is very good.

Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

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