Friday, July 21, 2006

It is so worth it!

First, my One Skein Secret Pal, Shelly, sent me photos of her wonderful yarn room with her yarns stashed neatly on shelving. I was envious of her organization. And, I kept thinking that I needed to be more organized. All my yarns are scattered about the house in overflowing baskets. They look nice, but it's hard to know what I have and I keep adding to my stash on top of all the yarns already in the baskets.

Then, I was talking to my daughter, Heidi, on the phone and told her I needed to organize my yarn stash and my fibers studio but that it seemed to overwhelming. Heidi is a bead artist and painter and has a fantastic studio in the PA mountains. Heidi told me that it is a lot of work to get things organized in the studio, but in the end "it is so worth it."

I remembered her words and they became my inspiration to begin the job. It has taken me a few days but now I can stand here and look over my neatly "stashed" yarns and things related to knitting. I think I could put my finger on most anything I want right now. And, yes, it is so worth it. Thank you Shelly and Heidi for helping me get motivated to get my stash in better order. Of course, there are still baskets around with yarns and that is because they look so pretty and make my home look cozy and I like them!


Anna said...

That looks great!

*ROFL* - the word authentication on this post is ddknti

Shelly said...

Great job! I know I find it more peaceful to be in my "room" now that it's organized.

I'm so happy to have been your inspiration. Wish I could have been there to help, we'd have had a wonderful time chatting and working.

Your daughter's work is exquisite. I hope to one day make it out there to PA to meet you and will definitely make time to see her work in person.