Monday, July 10, 2006

Lilly Chin Shawl-Collar Wrap

I have started a sweater jacket that is featured in Better Homes and Gardens Hip Knits, 65 easy projects from hot designers. The design is by Lilly Chin and it is called a "Shawl-Collar Wrap" in the magazine.

I am using yarns I purchased at the Pittsburgh Knitting Festival from a vendor who was there, Newton Country Yarns of Anaheim, California. The yarns were purchased separately and then I made two different yarns into one yarn by using a yarn winder.

One yarn, the solid orange one, is Italian Cashmere (60%) and Merino (40%). It is very fine and thin and the color is a bright & clear orange. The yarn I mixed the solid orange color with is called "Puff-and-Stuff" and I was told by the vendor it is a wool yarn from Paris. The colors of this yarn are a muted orange and blue gray mix. It is a little bit squiggly with blurbs of color mixed throughout.

I love this soft mixture and the colors I created. I have the back finished and am now working on both fronts at the same time, on the same needle so they will move along slowly but they will both be finished at the same time. I like that idea! Here are some photos of this yarn and how it looks as I am knitting it up.

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.