Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sequel to "A Clean Studio"

There is nothing that can compare to the feeling of having cleaned up my studio for the season. I close it down about December when the weather here in Western PA gets cold. My studio does not have heat in it. Then, in May it gets a good cleaning. Here in PA we say we "Redd it up."

Once the redding up is over with, then the fun and the work begins. Often I get visitors who stop by to spend some time with me as I work in the studio. Today, I was visited by two of my grand daughters, Brandi and Angel.

Not only do the grand daughters come for some relaxation and fun in my studio, so do my two cats. My grand daughter Angel is holding each of the cats and rocking them in one of the three rocking chairs that are in the studio. Angel the cat likes to be rocked and he also likes to have you sing to him. His favorite tune is "Rock-a-bye Baby" and you have to say his name as you sing about him falling down from the "tree top" when you get to that part. He purrs, puts his head on your chest, holds onto you with his soft paws, and just relaxes. We have to take some time every day for Angel to be rocked.

Blaise is older and grumpy most of the time. But, today he wanted to be rocked, too. So here you have them getting rocked by Angel this morning. What am I doing during the rocking and singing, I am WORKING on a project. But, I am smiling, so that means I can work and have fun at the same time. Life is good. Dontcha think?

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