Thursday, June 07, 2007

Where are my TREATS?

Where oh where are my knitter's treats?
I signed up for the Knitter's Treat Exchange.

I sent out my treat package to my Downstream Pal, Brandi.
I have not yet heard from her that the package arrived. It was sent last week, and does not have very far to travel. I hope all is well with the package and it's Treatee.

I visited the Knitter's Treat blog this morning and suddenly I realized that I have heard nothing from my Upstream Pal, and no treats have arrived yet. Hmmmm. I wonder just WHO is my Upstream Pal and if I will be getting a treat?

Where oh where are my Knitter's Treats?

I received a wonderful thank-you for the box I sent to my Downstream Pal, Christine. This was my package for the Secret Pal 10 Exchange.
She even posted the package contents on her blog.
Go HERE to see it.
What a neat person she is. I enjoy reading her blog regularly - she is very witty!
I am delighted she is so enthusiastic about her gifts from me. It is always a worry, waiting to hear from your treat-ee to see if your package got there and if your gifts were received with joy. I always hope I got it right.

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GI said...

Hi, Thanks for the wonderful comments. I really did enjoy receiving your package. My daughter stole the lovely journal you made for herself. Little booger! She keeps trying to swipe the earrings, but I won't let her. lol

I love the lip butter so much that I went to their website to request a catalog so that I can order some more products for myself and as gifts.

I've already worked my way through the box of tea lights.
I'm using the DPNs on my socks right now.

I really just love it all. Thank you again. I hope your pal is just as good to you.