Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beginning the Master Knitter Program

It is very exciting to begin something new don'tcha think?

I like something with a time line.
I like something with a goal to be reached at the end of the project.
I like a challenge.
I like to push myself to learn new things just for me.

I thought about this for awhile and now I have officially begun the Master Knitting Program offered through the Knitting Guild of America. I got my package of instructions. I have bought my binder with the see-through pages that I will fill up as I progress through the program. This will be for my knitting samples as I complete each assignment. It will also be used for my notes and the answers to my questions.

I needed to get some really nice worsted yarn to do the samples for the assignments. I went to my LYS yesterday to buy my yarn to get started. I selectedGALWAY "Pure Wool Knitting Worsted Weight" yarn. This is by the Plymouth Yarn Company of Bristol, PA. It is wonderful yarn. It costs about $6.00 a skein and it's so soft and nice to touch.

I found it on this site.

I have one year to complete part I of this program. There are THREE LEVELS. I am signed up to begin #1, which is the Advanced Beginner level. I am very excited as I love to challenge myself and set goals to work towards. This gives me a goal. I bought the yarn yesterday so I can begin work on it now. I have until April 23, 2008 to finish it all up, for Part I. I would love to hear from anyone else there who might be working on this program, too. Please, please let me know if you are also doing this as I would love a buddy to talk it over with from time to time. That could be you, if you want to contact me. If you want to know more about this program then you can Contact TKGA here.

I will begin my first assignment this weekend. I have 10 UFOs which I have listed on this site and I set deadlines for 7 of those projects. If you want to see what else I am doing, visit these two blogs. Knitty-Prof and Stashalong.


Riggwelter said...

Good luck with it all

Shelly said...

Congratulations! I know you'll do well on it. Shelly

Theresa said...

Good luck! I did Level 1 a couple of years ago and thought it was a good experience. Now I'm sort of stalled on Level 2, but I'll get back to it.