Monday, June 18, 2007

Contest #8 - SP10

Robyn, hostess of Secret Pal 10 has asked us to post
on a special topic for Contest #8.
Her insturctions to
us stated:

"Blog/Post about 3 yarns you're just dying to try/get
your hands on, and why! You have until Saturday,
June 30th, 2007 to post your entry.
This is also the
last day of SP10."

My focus this summer is going to be on Lana Grossa Yarns.
I am about to leave tomorrow for a three week trip to
Austria and Germany. Of course, I will be visiting
every yarn shop I find on my travels. I have decided
in advance that my mission will be to come home with
some beautiful yarns made by Lana Grossa.

Currently, I am making the Penelope Blouse by Oat Couture,
out of Lana Grossa Basic Print. It is my first adventure
into Lana Grossa Yarns. I love it.
Therefore, I will be looking for more as I travel.

I have THIS BOOK and want to do some of the patterns in it.

Here are the THREE I want to get for making some sweaters.

#1: Pashmina Cashmere Mix Up - for something wonderful for
FALL/AUTUMN - It is a blend of 22% Cashmere and
28% Merino Extra Fine yarns.

#2: Tocco - because I am crazy about yarns that have a
halo or haze effect. This yarn is 25% Kid Mohair and
20 % Merino Extra Fine, and 55% Microfiber.
I would like to try one of these blends with
microfibers since I have never used them yet.
I enjoy trying new things.

#3: Terra Meilenwert 50 - Classic Sock Yarn
I am not yet a sock knitter. I have made two pairs,
but I want to do more.

Here are some photos of the yarns I want to try.

Right now, I justwant to do some work using Lana Grossa
yarns. That will be my focus.
I have my knitting needles all packed, and some
pattern books. I am just about ready to fly EAST,
Across the Pond.

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mjm knitting said...

have a great time in austria and germany! sounds like such fun.