Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My FIRST EVER "Secret Pal"

I am very excited because tonight I received my "Secret Pal" from the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange.

My new pal is Shelly, from Stockton, California. I wrote to her immediately to introduce myself. I visited her blog and scanned it over when I received the letter from One Skein. It is late at night right now, after midnight, so I will take a better look at her blog tomorrow so that I can get to know her. I did drop her a little email letter just to say hello though. Ah, I see she is also owned by her two cats. We have that in common. I love cats and could not imagine my life without a cat friend or two.

Well, it inspired me to visit Shelly's blogspot tonight. In fact, it urged me to begin to take my blogspot seriously and to begin to learn how to post there. I have finally figured out how to put a photo up on my blogspot tonight. I chose one of the Untersberg (mountain) in clouds. It is in the village where I live in the summers, near Salzburg, Austria. Anyone who visits me here will see the mountains I love as an introduction to me. I will figure out how to photograph some of my art, knitting, and jewelry and get them up on this blogspot in the near future.

The other thing that inspired me when I got Shelly's information is the fact that someone has received MY information, too. So, somewhere out there in cyberspace, I have a new pal, too. That is really amazing and I can't wait to hear from my secret pal as well. I decided I better learn how to do this because someone is probably looking at my blogspot to learn more about me just like I learned about Shelly tonight.

My friend, Chris, also joined the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange so I can't wait to see her tomorrow morning at the gym to see if she received her new pal's information. This should be a lot of fun. And, I am glad I have a local friend to share it with.

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