Friday, May 12, 2006

7 Questions

7 Questions from One Skein Secret Pal Exchange

1. Which yarn is most like my personality?
I recently made the scarf in the photo. It is done in the FEATHER and FAN pattern, using Cascade Yarns Bollicine Etoile. I absolutely loved working with this yarn and this scarf feels so wonderful when I wear it. I am wild about the brilliant spring greens and the softness of this yarn that is 70% kid mohair and 30% acrylic. It's wonderful!!! The scarf is much, much more beautiful than this photo shows. You just cannot capture it in a photo.

Currently, I am wild about Noro Hand Dyed Silk Garden Yarn, Noro Kureyon Yarn, and Mountain Colors Bearfoot Hand-Painted Yarn. I love Brilliant Color! I made a beautiful scarf in modular knitting out of the Noro Kureyon.

Right now, I am finishing up a lovely stole out of the Silk Garden yarn. And, made a modular knitted scarf from one skein of Bearfoot. It was exquisite. I gave it away to someone who is very ill and I told him it is a "comfort scarf." He said he could sure use some comfort. I intend to do another modular knitted scarf from the Bearfoot for myself out of soft pastel colors. I normally wear strong colors and very seldom have anything on that would be pastel.

2. What is my favorite color of yarn to knit?
I tend to favor the earthy colors of golds, russets, and brilliant oranges and bittersweet colors. I imagine that is because those are the colors that look best on me. And I also favor brilliant and clear colors like lime greens and fuscias and indigo blues. I NEVER wear pastel colors and I don't like wimpy colors. I like color that is strong and stands out in the crowd, just like me.

3. Do I use verigated or magic yarns? Heavens, Yes!

4. What fibers do I favor?
I am just wild about mohair. I like any blend of mohair and wool. I am very fond of Moonlight Mohair currently. But, anything with mohair in it just compels me to touch and feel it and buy it.

5. Do I prefer to work with pull skeins or hanks?
I do a lot of yarns that are in hanks. I use the yarn ball winder and enjoy spending a few hours in mediation while I am making the hanks into usable balls. I like to stack them up and see them just waiting to be made into something. Thre is something that I like about making the hank into a ball.

6. Have I worked with organic yarns?
Not yet. But, I did buy some skeins of organic yarn at the Pittsburgh Knitting Festival in February and I plan to do a poncho out of it. Soon. I am always willing to try most anything.

7. Wow, what projects have I made in the past year?
Can I count them? I don't record my work anywhere, I just make things. I have made many, many scarves. I am finished up a kimono right now out of Moonlight Mohair. I have made ponchos for a number of family members and two for me. I have made myself three Shrugawls that I really enjoy wearing.

There are 7 more questions. I will answer them in my future posts. Seven is enough for now. Besides, there is knitting to be done yet today.

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Shelly said...

Yeah! You did it! I'm so excited for you!

I can't wait to see pictures of your handiwork!

Cyber hugs,
your OSSP (one skein secret pal)