Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Knit for Kids

Will I be knitting any gifts this year?
Yes, I have already begun thinking of Christmas gifts for family members. I have started a sweater for my great grand-daughter, Delaunay. She will be 9 years old by Christmas. I am making her a sweater from the
- Guide Post's Knit for Kids project.-
I knitted one to give away for that project, and I liked it so much I wanted to do another one for Delaunay. She will be delighted with it and the one I knitted to be sent to a child through Guide Post's project will be happy, too. And, it makes me happy to know that two little girls will each have a nice new hand knit sweater next winter.

At the top you can see what this sweater looks like. I made this one to send off to the project. Family members loved it so much that they want me to make one for them, too. This sweater is one of three different designs designated to be done for this charity project. It felt so good to be making this sweater for a child I will never know. You can get information on how to make the sweaters and how to send them to children who need them at this site


I plan to organize a group of knitters where I work to make sweaters as a group project this fall and send off to children who need to be kept warm this winter.


Shelly said...

Is that the sweater you made or is that an example of the pattern they offer?

Knitty_Prof said...

This is the one I knit to send away. It is the 10th Anniversary Knit for Kids Sweater. There are two other designs that can be done in this project, too.

Federico said...
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