Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rings and Things

Today the Rings and Things Show came to Pittsburgh, PA. It is about an hours drive from where I live. My grand daughter Brandi and I made the trip there. You only have a short time to shop in an entire room FILLED with delightful gemstones. The show runs only from noon to 4 pm! Yes, you have to get there and make your selections with determination because you have to decide what you are getting since you cannot come back another time.

At first, the room seems to spin and blur. It may be because I am partially blind since January. But, it may also be because of the dazzling of the zillions of strands of beads and there you are smack in the middle of them all. The lights glare down on the beads and you can turn around and from every angle there they are, all those beads. They are just waiting to be picked up and touched. It is overwhelming. I just have to breathe in a little deeper, and remind myself that I can take my time and look around at everything. I just say, 'stay calm, my spirit.'

Brandi and I came home with a bag of stones. I focused on replenishing my stash of Pink Opalites. I have sold most of the jewelry I made with that stone last year. I needed more.
Then, Brandi found a table full of the most far out and zaney beads. Well, I hade to have some of those ones too. They are SUPER bright - metallic looking glass beads - that have such a pizzazz they seems to sparkle from every angle.

Other finds for me today were some very large stones on a strand. Don't know what I will make from them yet, but they were so beautiful I had to have them. After I picked up that strand, I found a table of PEARLS in every color and size. I bought several strands of them in copper, and deep violet hues, and cranberry colors.

Finally, I bought a lot of copper beads. I am in love with copper these days. I guess it is the softness of their color and the warmth that radiates from them. They have a nostalgic kind of feel and look to them. They remind me of something that I cannot quite put my hand on. Something that I love. Something from my past, maybe. I don't know. But I love Copper!

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