Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Mystique of Socks and my October Goals

Here are my October goals:

#1 Priority is to Unclutter my home office.
I will ( I mean, I WILL) sort through all the areas in this room and pitch things that need to go. I will begin by showing you my room - this is just the entrance into the room. There it is....all ready for the organizing to begin! Stacks and Stacks of books and stuff.

More books....

Still more books...

Yet, more books and the file cabinets and computer desk, too.

Another view of the entrance into my office....stacks of books everywhere!!!

It is a delightful and sunny fall morning here in Western Pennsylvania. In fact, it is Sunday morning and the last day of September. I am feeling satisfied with the work I accomplished in September. I finished two knitting projects and I organized my fiber studio. I got some wonderful work done on my Sabbatical project, making encrusted bead work. I should be happy, but then I look around this room where I am sitting to write this morning, and here is more clutter that needs to be attended to....soon.

Tomorrow will be the first of October. I was reading some blogs and catching up on some other knitters who write a blog that I enjoy reading. I love to see what other people are doing. Some are taking trips, some have knitted some fantastic things that are beyond where I am at in the craft. Some keep making socks and more socks. When it comes to this kind of sock mystique, well....I just don't get it.

I cannot quite figure out what the allure of socks is, but I can see that it must be addictive. I have knitted only two pairs in my life. I have two more pairs started but they just remain in my Yarntainers, there, on the back burner of "things to do." (I keep all my UFOs in Yarntainers or a basket or bag...all ready to go at any time.) Somehow, socks don't excite me very much...yet. Maybe, the sock mania will hit me one day, but it hasn't yet.

I like to knit things that I can WEAR...I mean
FLAUNT....things that everyone takes note sweaters and ponchos and jackets. Things that get noticed when I walk into a room...things with FLAIR...
socks just don't get it for me. Maybe someday they will, but not yet.

I was thinking about setting some
Goals for October this morning.
I looked around my office, here where I sit to type my blogs and other things on the computer. It needs some serious attention. I took some photos just to remind me of what needs done here. I think if I set this as a goal and give myself a whole month to accomplish it, a little bit at a time, I can do it. I need to go through the stacks and shelves of books and sort them out. Just about all of them are poetry or art books in this room. I need to give some serious consideration to them and root out ones that I really don't need to keep.

Why it is that I just can't stand clutter, yet, here I am sitting amid a room full of clutter? Indeed, it is an "organized kind of clutter" and not just "anything goes type of clutter." It is limited to my passion for Poetry and Art. Yet, it is still unorganized and it is still clutter. I gotta do something to get it under control. It makes me feel sick when I look around and see things piled everywhere, yet I still do it. It is a paralyzing kind of feeling. Makes me anxious, and upset.

I sat up late last night working on updating my 2007 list of Knitting goals. I have 31 listed, and to date, I have completed 11 of them.

OCTOBER Knitting Goals:

Finish the second "Knit for Kids" Sweater - charity knitting for Guideposts project

Knit the second "Penelope Blouse" out of Dale of Norway yarn

Finish the Lana Grossa sweater that I started in July, in Germany

OCTOBER Jewelry Goals:

Finish the MTV Dragon Neck Piece. It is a big project so will take the entire month, I imagine. I am not sure if it can even be done in a month. We'll see about it. This necklace is part of my Sabbatical work, part of the group of encrusted bead works I am creating. I started the necklace just a couple days ago. It will have TEN cabochons in it when completed. I have "captured" two of them, at this writing...if you are not a bead worker, then you have no clue what that means. It could be the topic of another blog...later.

Today the bushes outside the front of my house need a haircut so people can actually see that we have a sidewalk and front porch. After today, then the goals for October will commence...

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Riggwelter said...

Oh I know what you mean about the books, I can't move in my house without tripping over them. Good luck with your goals!