Saturday, December 09, 2006

Green Santas Bring a White Christmas

I spent this afternoon getting my collection of


out of their attic storgage container. I put most of them on display on the top of the baby grand piano in the living room. I am begginning to think of Christmas, now that my


are in place cheering me on.

I started collecting them quite a few years ago. I don't really go out on a search to find them. But, one by one, sometimes one comes across my path. Well, I just can't pass them up. I did add one new one this year. I went out shopping on Black Friday. And, there he was, standing there just waiting for my very early morning arrival at his store. He is the tall one dressed in the pea green standing to the left of the tall orange glass vase. Somehow, whenever I come across a

Green Santa

I have this obsessive impulse that I HAVE to have him. I always have the feeling that I gotta get him very fast before someone else comes along and takes him away. Kinda like the same feeling I have when I am in a yarn shop and I am holding a wonderful skein of yarn in my hands...I have to have it!!! I just HAVE to. You understand, don't you?

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