Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Green and Red for SP9 Pal

My SP9 Pal, in Connecticut will soooooon be getting this package, all done up in Green and Red for Christmas. She will cele brate her birthday this week, so I have worked on a whole collection of fun gifts for her. She'll be getting some wonderful Skacel Addi Turbo needles;

Koigu and Wilde Yarns http://www.wildeyarns.com;

a Vogue Knitting Magazine http://www.vogueknitting.com of Holiday items to knit;

lotions and creams and handmade soaps;

a special pair of stitch markers and hand knitted and felted bowl http://www.oneskein.com that I made from the new One Skein book just for her.

There are lots and lots of other items in her box. So, it is all wrapped up now, and my husband has taken over the task of putting it all in a mailing box to be shipped out later this afternoon.

If you are in Connecticut and you are a Secret Pal 9 member, maybe this box is for YOU. Ah, you will have to wait a couple days more, to see if it arrives at YOUR house. I am keeping it a SECRET.

Check out this blog at http://www.secretpal9.blogspot.com

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Javajem said...

That package looks awesome! What a lucky secret pal!