Friday, June 02, 2006

Shopping For Shelly

Yesterday I had a wonderful adventure with my artist friend, Myrna. We had decided to meet for lunch and then I wanted her to go with me to a fantastic yarn shop, Yarns Unlimited in Sewickley, PA. It was our dessert for the day. We touched everything that caught our eye and we just went from one stunning yarn to another, throughout the entire store.

I told the friendly sales lady why we were shopping - we were looking for just the right yarn for Shelly, my California "Secret Pal" for the One Skein Knit Along project. Not only did Myrna and I engage in touching and feeling in our quest of the "right" yarn, the sales lady joined us in our adventure. There was lots of giggles and breathless ooooohhhhssss and aaaaaahhhhhhs while we worked our way through that shop. We would carry some skeins around for awhile, thinking that just might be "the one." Then, we would find another one that seemed even more like what we envisioned Shelly might like. We think a California lady might like "bright" and "happy" colors.

Finally, after nearly an hour of serious selecting, we made our decision. It will be flying all the way from Western PA where it is rainy and very dreary today, to California where I imagine the sun must be shining, the sky cloudless and still, and the birds singing with joy in the springtime.

That is all I will say about this yarn for now. I would not want to ruin a surprise.

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Shelly said...

It would have been so much fun to join you on your shopping trip! I'll be sure to let you know when the yarn arrives! All this talk about the trip and the yarns you saw makes me very anxious to get the package.