Saturday, August 08, 2009

What I did about it...

After searching for some kind of help for over five months, I finally got connected with the Bureau of Blindness and Vision Loss in Erie, PA. It did not happen quickly or easily. Two of my doctors had to place several phone calls before I finally got some help and support. Meanwhile, during the five months, I turned to knitting.

I had started working on a sweater for the Knit for Kids Program, through Guideposts Magazine. I had one about half finished when I lost my sight. I picked up that unfinished scarf, and thought I would just TRY to knit again, without vision. It was not easy. I stumbled about for days. Finally, I had to force myself to just close my eyes and begin to let my fingers begin to take the place of my eyes. I had to learn to have finesse, and search the yarn and needles for information to know what I was doing with that yarn and needles. It was slow going. But, finally I began to do it again. What a thrill, when I could actually knit in the dark!

Knitting was my life savor during those five months of waiting and searching for help. I knitted away, finishing SIX sweaters for kids. I was so happy to once again be doing something for somebody else. It made me forget my own troubles and frustrations. I literally spent five months sitting in a corner in a big rocking chair knitting my days away.

Finally, in April of 2009 I was sent to the School for Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services in Homestead, PA. It was a residential program, where I would remain as a student for the next 14 months. Next, I will write about my adventure at the BVRS progeram...and what I faced during those weeks of learning to live as a blind person.

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