Friday, November 10, 2006

Yarn Crawl in Vermont

My friend Chris and I went on a week long YARN CRAWL all over the state of Vermont recently. (That means I was on a MISSION to buy "YARN" and was driving around visiting every yarn shop I could find.)

We had registered to be part of the 5 day long Y2Knit Workshop that started on October 25. That is a Wednesday. We flew from Western PA to Burlington, VT the Sunday prior to that. It gave us three days to do a Yarn Crawl all over Vermont before we arrived at Shellburne the afternoon of the 25th.

We visited some wonderful yarn stores and already had bought a suitcase full of new Vermont yarns before we got to the workshop. Then, at the workshop, there was an entire room set up at our bed and breakfast, full of yarns from the Y2Knit shop which is located in Funkstown, MD. Of course, we did more shopping there, too.

In all, I came home with 55 NEW skeins of yarn. I have now organized it and put it in my stash. I do have specific projects in mind for all the yarn I bought. I have already started working on a pair of socks with some wonderful Cherry Tree Hill cotton yarn. One sock is finished, and the other is started. There is the link to a wonderful sock pattern by Cherry Tree Hill...I am going to make that one next.

All in all, the workshop was the best imaginable. And the YARN CRAWL, well, I was in heaven. I think you "get it." Right?

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