Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It is MY Lace, anyway!


First, Whose Lace is it Anyway? I am very happy to say, it is ALL MINE. Yes, my package arrived yesterday from my secret pal, Lorinda Carbonara. You can find her blog by going to

Here is the PURE PLEASURE that was packed into a box and mailed to me by Lorinda. It is chock full of alpaca lace weight yarn, a beautiful shawl pattern, and oddles of things that an artist would appreciate and cherish. There was even some fantastic CANDY in there...all for ME!!! Thank you Lorinda for making my day so bright. When I came home from a very long day at school, the box was on my front porch waiting for me to find it. What a delight it was.

Second, I received my hand knitted gift from my Secret Pal from the One Skein Exchange. Here it is, a lovely bowl in soft shades of pink and oranges. My favorite colors! Thank you so much, Robin Geller from Chicago. The bowl now has a place of honor in my "pink room." That is where I knit and visit with family and friends. Here's the felted bowl...


lorinda said...

What a nice thank you, and what a great bowl!

ZhiWen said...

Oh isn't that a coincidence? I also participated in both the Favorite Color and Lace Swap and I got send a package to Lorinda for the Lace Swap XD It's a small world after all. All that yummy stuff!!